Pubg Mobile Kr APK Free Download for Android

Pubg Mobile Kr Game Download APK

Now the new version of PUBG Mobile has arrived known as PUBG Mobile KR, The (KR) is short for Korea and this game is specifically designed for the audience in South Korea and East Asia. PUBG (KR) requires a stable internet connection.

Description Of Pubg Mobile Kr Mod APK

This PUBG Mobile Korean version is getting popular day by day as PUBG other version has already got. PUBG Mobile Korean is only designed for smartphones supported by Android or iOS. You can download PUBG Mobile KR for PC, because of the bigger screen bigger entertainment.

PUBG Mobile Kr Download

Download Pubg Mobile Kr Mod APK Latest Version

Download Pubg Mobile Kr APK


1. Full HD Graphics

PUBG Mobile KR Graphics level is damn high. Everything in the game looks real. Brilliantly designed full HD graphics are the main attraction for newcomers and for people who are already playing it.

2. Easy To Control

Controls are easy to pick up and to master in very minor time. The only thing which is difficult for users us the aim of perfection. It depends on your shooting skills.

3. Super Sound Quality

The sounds are also good, matching with the environment. PUBG BGM is so realistic, gives us the exact feel of our presence in Battlefield.

4. Stuff Like Real Life

Every gun and vehicle in PUBG is taken from the real-life. Probably every gun is available in PUBG which is a symbol of destruction in the army.

PUBG Mobile KR Version Specialties

The most distinguishing feature of the mobile game is the Korean version that the individual does not have to delete the global version in order to run it or vice versa, as it is possible to play the two versions with ease at the same time. But the only problem facing the players is that downloading this version is not available on Google Play or App Store, but it needs to install a VPN program with changing the IP of the device to Korea in order for the game to appear and download.

Pubg Mobile Kr

You will not face leg bugs and glitches in PUBG Mobile KR version comparison to the Global version. You get free skins for lifetime from the silver coin (Guns, Vehicles, Helmet, Bags, parachute, Airplane, etc) in the redeem section. You can get special items like emotes, drees, skins, etc, for free through Crate, which you will get to see in the royal pass on the global version.

KR Version’s Event Reward is better than the global version. You will get Donkatsu medal, Which you can collect 4 Donkatsu medal and open the special crate.

Pubg Mobile Kr Trailer

You will also get different login rewards

3 classic crate coupon scrap
3 premium crate coupon scrap
20 Silver Coin
3 supply crate coupon scrap
2 Tonkatsu medal
Gift Box Login Event Reward
Up to 50 Donkatsu medal

Crate coupon scrap

In PUBG Mobile KR version have a weekly mission- If you get three chicken dinner in within a week on any server in the classic match so you will receive 3 Donkatsu medal. This is not available in the Global version.

How to Download PUBG Mobile KR for PC

In spite that PUBG for PC, Windows, Mac, is already available officially, people still love to play PUBG Mobile on PC. After realizing this likeness Tencent has launched their official emulator specifically for the PUBG Mobile. The emulator is known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy. This emulator has only one purpose i.e to let people Play PUBG Mobile KR on PC. So Download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC from Official Website. Or, Download TGB by clicking on the button which we have already prepared for you. Make sure that you have at least 2 GB of free storage in your device. In case a problem arises with parsing the package, try downloading the APK and OBB files again.

Pubg Mobile Kr APK Game

How PUBG KR Different From PUBG MOBILE

The main highlight of the Korean version is a special type of in-game currency named the ‘Donkastu Medal‘ which can be used to open exclusive crates for free and get in-game rewards like weapon skins, outfits, etc. Other than that both are more or less the same.


What is the size of the PUBG Mobile Kr?

The apk file size of the PUBG Mobile application is 2.3GB.

How can I get free UC in PUBG Korean?

Elite Royale Pass. It is the best way to get UC in PUBG Mobile for free. Elite Royale Pass offers a total of 600 UC as RP mission rewards. The players need to buy the Elite Royale Pass just once and need to complete the RP missions.


PUBG Mobile KR or Korean version consists of a plethora of skins, outfits, and costumes that are different from the global version. Usually, the KR version is few days ahead of the global version and is published by PUBG Corporation. The KR version is only available in the Google Play Store of Korea and Japan.

How do you play PUBG on a Korean server?

First Download APK file of PUBG Mobile Korean version. Then you have to download OBB File from the internet. then first install the pubg app and then you have to paste the second obb file called “com. pubg. mobile” into Phone storage/Android/obb then open pubg and make an account and start playing PUBG Mobile.

Where is the PUBG Studio?

It’s based in Korea, but a few people are working in Seattle, WA, USA.

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